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Get clear, practical, & inspiring presentation designs
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Presentation Design
Presentation Design
Presentation Design
Kelly Rutherford

Hello. I’m Kelly Rutherford.

Do you need an awesome presentation that will stand out and wow your audience? Let me help tell your story through the power of images and graphic design. 


Presentation Design Specialist
Presentation Design Specialist
Presentation Design Specialist
Presentation Design Specialist
Presentation Design Specialist

Need a custom package?

Let’s talk about what you have in mind. We offer production on many levels from small business meetings to large conferences. 
Need animation? We can do that too.


This is SO beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!
Nice work. This is the nicest presentation I’ve seen.
D. Smyth

Kelly, if I could hug you long distance, you would be getting that hug right now.

THANK YOU!!! It is beautiful. High fives, y’all!

E. Carroll

This is fantastic! Thank you. 
K. Powers

 Love it!  Thank you very much – headed to Brand & Legal now.
N. Marsh

Our Process

Step 1 - Presentation Design

Let’s discuss your project and identify what you need. Do you have time for a 20-minute phone call?

On our first phone call, I will listen and learn about your goals for your presentation. I will ask questions about what file types and images you have that need to be used. We will determine the deadlines for the deck and how we will collaborate during the production process. This will be a great time to explore ideas as well as discuss new possibilities.

Step 2 - Presentation Design

Our worker bee mode will bring shape to your presentation and vision to your message.

During production I will brainstorm, conceptualize, sketch and develop the first round of presentation slides. Assets and images will be designed and a review will be scheduled for us to share feedback.

Step 3 - Presentation Design

Your presentation will take 5-7 days with usually 1-2 revisions. Wha-la! You’re now ready to go.

Our first review of your new concepts can be an exciting time. During this step, you will have an opportunity to see your presentation. During the review, we will step through the thought process and answer any questions. If revisions are needed, we will document the changes and schedule a final review. The final review will provide your finished presentation. We will want to make sure the project meets with your full approval.


How long does a typical project take?
A typical project takes 5-7 days to complete. Faster timelines may be possible. Feel free to reach out to discuss current project estimates.
What if I am in a BIG hurry?
Other clients’ schedules may shift leaving availability for rush projects. Please feel free to reach out if you need a project expedited to see if I have availability. An additional charge of $200 applies to rush projects.
In what format should I send you my content?
You are welcome to send your content already on slides or in outline format. If you have a specific vision for a particular slide, feel free to include an inspirational graphic or description of your vision to maximize efficiency and reduce turnaround time.